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Country: Croatia
Scientific diving is regulate by: no national regulations
ESDP member: Full member
Officialy designated expert(s) and authority (if implemented) responsible for scientific diving in country: Koordinacija znanstvenih ronilaca Hrvatske - Coordination of scientific divers of Croatia, B.Petranovića 1, Zadar, Croatia

Contact person(s): Luka Bekić (csdcroatia_(at)


National certification organisation / authority for scientific diving: not yet implemented
National gouvernmental agency providing the legal background for scientific diving: Ministry for Science, Education and Sport.

Donje Svetice 38, Zagreb, Croatia

Additional informations: There is yet no existing law covering scientific diving. Scientific diving is classified as commercial diving.

National licence for scientific diving: not yet implemented
National regulations: not yet available
ESD/AESD issuing authority respectively authority providing national equivalence list to ESD/AESD: Croatia fully accept ESD/AESD standards and applications are considered by a Committee at Coordination of Scientific Divers of Croatia (National Committee on Scientific Diving). A first scientific diving course with help of AAUS instructors was held at ICUA Zadar facilities, and next one is scheduled for June 2014.
Level of acceptance of scientific diving licences (i.e. ESD/AESD certificates) of other European countries: ESD/AESD certificates of EU countries are not yet accepted on a national level but by some research institutions.
Additional remarks: none
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