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Country: Germany
Scientific diving is regulate by: Law (German Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs - BAMS)
ESDP member: Full member
Officialy designated expert(s) and authority (if implemented) responsible for scientific diving in country: German Commission for Scientific Diving (Kommission Forschungstauchen Deutschland - KFT)


Contact Person: Philipp Fischer (philipp.fischer_(at)

Type of authority: Professional organisation legalized by the German Ministery of Research and Education and the Examination board for scientific divers

National certification organisation / authority for scientific diving: Examination board for scientific divers within the statutory accident insurance

Contact person: Dipl. Ing. Frank Werner (frank.werner_(at)

Type of authority: Statutory accident insurance (legalised by the German Ministry for Inner Affairs).

National gouvernmental agency providing the legal background for scientific diving: German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)
National licence for scientific diving: National licence:
  1. Geprüfter Forschungstaucher (national certification File:See example here) and European Scientific Diver (ESD-certificate based on the national certification - File:See example here).
  2. Dive mission leader (Taucheinsatzleiter - File:See example here). Certified by the German Commission for Scientific Diving.
National regulations: National regulations: BGR/GUV-R 2112 - Einsatz von Forschungstauchern (File:Download here)

English version: BGR/GUV-R 2112 - "Operation of Scientific Divers (File:Download here)

ESD/AESD issuing authority respectively authority providing national equivalence list to ESD/AESD: German commission for scientific diving (KFT)

Contact person: Philipp Fischer (philipp.fischer_(at)

Level of acceptance of scientific diving licences (i.e. ESD/AESD certificates) of other European countries: # ESD / AESD certificates of EU countries listed as full members in this equivalence list are fully accepted as scientific divers.
  1. Other national licences may be accepted upon request.
Additional remarks: none
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