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Country: Netherlands
Scientific diving is regulate by: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
ESDP member: no
Officialy designated expert(s) and authority (if implemented) responsible for scientific diving in country: Contact person (s): Dr. Fleur VanDuyl (duyl_(at) & Dr. Martin Manders (M.Manders_(at)
National certification organisation / authority for scientific diving: not yet implemented
National gouvernmental agency providing the legal background for scientific diving: not yet implemented
National licence for scientific diving: not yet implemented
National regulations: not yet available
ESD/AESD issuing authority respectively authority providing national equivalence list to ESD/AESD: not yet implemented
Level of acceptance of scientific diving licences (i.e. ESD/AESD certificates) of other European countries: not yet implemented
Additional remarks: In The Netherlands, scientific diving is basically restricted to commercial divers.

However, the Dutch Law for Labour under pressure (PARTS) in some way allow scientists and student to do diving labour also with sport diving certificates or other training. For details, see the respective Law for Labour, Ad1. (download link)

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