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Country: Norway
Scientific diving is regulate by: Scientific diving in Norway is regulated by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, under the national regulations for professional diving.
ESDP member: Associated to the ESDP. Qualified to be a full member.
Officialy designated expert(s) and authority (if implemented) responsible for scientific diving in country: Norwegian Scientific Divers

Contact persons: Even Moland: even.moland_(at) & Mats Walday: mats.walday_(at)

National certification organisation / authority for scientific diving: not yet implemented
National gouvernmental agency providing the legal background for scientific diving: Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
National licence for scientific diving: None. Persons who are to carry out diving activities must hold a class A or class B diving license.
National regulations: No national regulation dedicated to scientific diving.
ESD/AESD issuing authority respectively authority providing national equivalence list to ESD/AESD: not yet implemented
Level of acceptance of scientific diving licences (i.e. ESD/AESD certificates) of other European countries: not yet implemented
Additional remarks: National regulation for professional diving in Norway was revised 1. January 2013. Diving licenses are issued on the basis of completed training. Qualification requirements are given in Sections 26-20 and 26-21 of the ‘Regulations relating to Conduct of Work’ (*#*)(In Norwegian). The duration of the training shall be at least seven weeks. Courses are held by Bergen University College. Other private undertakings may also hold courses, provided they meet the requirements set out in the Regulations relating to Conduct of Work and the Regulations relating to Administrative Arrangements.
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