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Country: Portugal
Scientific diving is regulate by: National law (Lei 24/2013)
ESDP member: Full member
Officialy designated expert(s) and authority (if implemented) responsible for scientific diving in country: APorMC – Portuguese Scientific Diving Association (https://apormc.wordpress.com/) / Contact person: Pedro Neves (apmergcient_(at)_gmail.com)
National certification organisation / authority for scientific diving: APorMC – Portuguese Scientific Diving Association (https://apormc.wordpress.com/)

National gouvernmental agency providing the legal background for scientific diving: Secretaria de Estado do Desporto e da Juventude.
National licence for scientific diving: N/A
National regulations: N/A
ESD/AESD issuing authority respectively authority providing national equivalence list to ESD/AESD: APorMC – Portuguese Scientific Diving Association (https://apormc.wordpress.com/)
Level of acceptance of scientific diving licences (i.e. ESD/AESD certificates) of other European countries: in discussion
Additional remarks: N/A
Last modified according to national contributions on x by (y): Modified on the 21/12/2016 / Pedro Neves